Ethics Policy

At Sambhav Sandesh, we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in our journalism. Our Ethics Policy outlines the principles and values that guide our reporting, as well as our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Accuracy and Objectivity We strive to report the news accurately and objectively, and to present all relevant facts in a fair and balanced manner. We do not engage in sensationalism or exaggeration, and we do not distort or misrepresent the facts in our reporting.

Sources and Attribution We rely on a range of sources for our reporting, and we are committed to verifying the accuracy of all information before publishing it. We protect the anonymity of our sources when necessary, but we also strive to provide as much transparency as possible about the sources we use.

We also believe in giving credit where credit is due, and we provide attribution for all sources of information and ideas used in our reporting.

Conflicts of Interest We avoid conflicts of interest in our reporting, and we disclose any potential conflicts to our readers when necessary. We do not accept gifts, favors, or other inducements that might compromise our journalistic integrity, and we maintain a strict separation between our editorial content and our advertising and business operations.

Transparency and Accountability We believe in transparency and accountability in our journalism, and we are committed to providing our readers with as much information as possible about how we gather and report the news. We welcome feedback and criticism from our readers, and we are committed to correcting errors and clarifying information when necessary.

Conclusion At Sambhav Sandesh, we believe that ethical journalism is essential to maintaining the public’s trust in the media. By upholding these principles and values, we are committed to providing our readers with reliable, truthful, and objective news and information.